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Welcome to Fort St. John's "Superior" Elite Driver Training School!

Whether you are a person looking to get his or her driver's licence for the first time, a new immigrant learning to drive in Canada, a person with their Novice Licence wishing to get their full time driver's licence, or a concerned parent wanting your teenager to learn how to drive the responsible way, without the hassle of teaching your teenager yourself, then ELITE DRIVER TRAINING SCHOOL is your answer to obtaining your own, or your teenager's, driver's licence with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to make new drivers, safer drivers!

Who is David Rowsell?

David is a former ICBC Driver Examiner and very familiar with the British Columbia driver licensing process. He is quite knowledgeable of what a new driver will need to learn to be successful in obtaining their “N” (Novice) or full time driver’s licence. (Class 5)

Passing the ICBC road test is a very important part in the BC driving process and a milestone in many people’s lives. David teaches you the driving skills, knowledge, and attitude needed to become a new safer driver. Applying what you learn from his detailed lessons will make it easier for you to pass the road test, bringing you one step closer to your personal goal of obtaining a full time British Columbia driver’s licence.

Being employed with ICBC, as a Driver Examiner, combined with pursuing a career as a Certified Safety Officer in the Fort St. John surrounding area, allowed David to be aware of and observe the need for a professional driver training school.

David, not only caters to the long term residents of the area, but to the recent influx in the population growth of newcomers to Fort St. John and the immediate surrounding area from other provinces and countries.

Having over 36 years of driving experience, training as an ICBC Driver Examiner and a personal touch for safety, combined with his friendly attitude and personal characteristics, David, decided on obtaining professional training, to teach new drivers to be safer drivers, by becoming a driver instructor and setting up a driver training facility known as, Elite Driver Training School

In the 48 months of operation, June 2013-June 2017, David Rowsell (Elite Driver Training School) has helped five hundred fifty (550+) students to obtain their BC driver's licence from his instruction. High quality, superior, instruction helps to create a High Passing Rate for students taking the ICBC road test on the first try. Of course all students make mistakes or get nervous and there are students that are not successful on the first attempt! Percentage rates vary for students taking the road test the first time as many scenarios can and will happen in traffic on a road test that may never happen during a driving lesson. For students using my vehicle for the road test in the time period of January 01, 2016 to April 04, 2016 the passing rate for first time students trained by Elite Driver Training School is 92%.

Originally from Eastern Canada, David Rowsell is a resident and homeowner of Fort St. John for 19 years and has been living in the province of British Columbia for 23 years.